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Welcome to Bookkeeping Solutions of Oregon!

Hi there!

My name is Barb Legee, Manager of Bookkeeping Solutions of Oregon.  We do as little or as much as a client wants us to do.  We do every aspect of bookkeeping.  We have clients that we go to their business and do bookkeeping in their office.  So we are offering mobile service as a option, also we can take care of your bookkeeping via remote access .  For most of our clients, we pick up paperwork or they drop it off.  That is the most common but we want our company to be flexible, so we meet the needs of all our clients.  We specialize in business bookkeeping but do offer personal bookkeeping for those with busy schedules.  We work on getting our clients books organized because we know if you are organized you can do more business and be more successful.

Why outsource your bookkeeping with us?

“I work closely with my clients and their CPA. If your CPA has any questions, they usually email/call me first before the business.  The whole point is that I do their books to make it easier for them to concentrate on their business and take care of the important things.”

Barbara Legee, Manager